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International Creative Story Contents Contest Information


Korean Dramas are fascinating the world, contributing to the spread of Korean culture overseas. To expand the K-drama frontier onto various cultural fields, we are hosting "International Creative Story Contents Contest" where any content relevant to your favorite Korean dramas such as UCC, conte scripts, photos are welcomed. 


Any innovative ideas armed with creativity and wits on K-dramas, are encouraged for submission.


1. Title : 2014 KDF International Creative Story Contents  Contest

2. Submission Dates : Aug. 1. 2014 (Fri) ~ Sept. 20. (Sat) 17:00 (KST)

3. Entry Qualification: Domestic or foreign, individual or team can apply.

                       But, creative script contest is only for budding writers.

                      Foreigners only can apply to 5 minute creative drama contest and K-drama parody UCC clip                        contest.


4. About Contests

Entry topic and Field of the Contest

  -Creative Drama Script (Korean) : Any subject, 50min length detailed script that can be immediately dramatized.

  -Story Photograph : Photographs of portrait, landscape, memories, incident, and etc that motivated by drama.

  -Drama Synopsis (Korean) : Abbreviate the story that can be dramatize. 

  -5-min Creative Drama : Any short drama on Korean Culture. Film it via digital camera or mobile phone.

  -K-drama Parody : Parody Korean drama scene which aired in abroad. Filming via digital camera or mobile                             phone.


5. Rules and Regulations

? May not submit the material that already once used or awarded.

? May not copy, imitate, dramatize other pieces that infringe copyright.

  (Contestants will carry all responsibilities when copyright disputes arise.)

? Can not use the materials when you already sold to other producer or restricted by any

   other contracts.

? The videos and BGMs submitted for the contest must not violate the copyright laws. When feared of violation,

    those could be eliminated from the contest.

Even after the contest, any violations of laws and the rules mentioned here may lead to cancellation of the        awards and further legal consequences.

No prize may be offered If there are no worthy entries in a category. 

? One person can submit multiple entries, but a winner will not be awarded multiple awards  but one in the         same category.


6. Guidelines

Documents to Submit

 ① Application form

 ② Summary of the contents (Except Synopsis contestants)  

 ▣ Application form download is available at official website "2014 Korea Drama Festival"

    (www.kdfo.org) (Hwp or MS)

Creative Drama Script (Domestic Budding Writers)

  - 50min length full script (A4 paper, font size 12 point on Hwp)

Story Photograph (Domestic) - Original Piece (Over 1,000 pixel jpg file, by the length of the photo)

Drama Synopsis (Domestic) - less than 3pages (A4 paper, font size 12 point on Hwp

5min Creative Drama (Domestic or foreign)

  - Less than 5min length (wmv file)

  - Upload to Youtube or video share website and link the address to your application.

  - Send the Original piece to official website via E-mail.

K-drama Parody (Domestic or foreign)

  -Less than 5min length (wmv file)

  -Upload to Youtube or video share website and link the address to your application.

  -Send the Original piece to official website via E-mail.


7. How to submit

? Closing Date :  Sept. 20. 2014 (Sat) 17:00 (KST)

? How : Online submission only. (available until 17:00 Korea Time)

? Online submission: kdf1@korea.com (Must submit through E-MAIL)

? Prepare: Entry file, application, entry description or synopsis.

  ※ If one of the documents are omitted, the application will not be completed.

     All the entries belong to the Korea Drama Festival Organization and the entry will not be returned.

     (Video file can be submitted after the upload to Youtube or Video share websites)


8. Judgements

? Judges: Experts in the fields (less than 5 people each)

? Criteria

  - Planning and development feasibility : Fresh ideas and suitability to develop into drama contents

  - Neat structure : Well organized and well-defined structure

  - Theme directivity: Motivation to visit the filmed site and evaluate the suitability for cultural tour material.

  - Differentiation: Creative ideas and differentiation with other original pieces.

  - Attractiveness: Entertaining and interesting ideas in the story and gripping narratives.


9. Result

Winner announcement: Sept. 25 2014 on the KDF official web site

? Award date: 2014. Oct <2014 KOREA DRAMA FESTIVAL> (to be contacted individually)

Categories (tax not included)

Prize Giving Detail


Prize amount (Won)

Creative Drama Script

Story Photograph


5-min Creative Drama

K-drama parody

The Grand Award







Honor Award







Runner-up Award








※No prize may be offered If there are no worthy entries in a category.


10. Contacts: Korea Broadcasting Professional Association (Phone : 82-2-545-8899)


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